Sunday, October 17, 2010

So you want more, eh?

...then start giving.

You want more money? Give more.

You want more love? Love others more.

You want more _______. Then give.

"The law of success is service."

I have heard time and time again people saying that you can't give to others unless you have something to give. I have to disagree. We all have something to give and it's all worthy of giving. The more you give, the more you'll get in return, and then the more you get, the more you can then in turn give. It's like a viscous cycle....without the viscous part.

But here is the trick to giving...

We need to LOVE giving. Give with a big heart, with a full heart, and without expecting anything in return from the one whom you are giving to. You will receive much more in return, you'll receive the things that actually bring happiness to you individually, in ways that will amaze you, even happiness, loads and loads of it.

"That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly." Matthew 6:4

I know someone who gives a lot of time, but this individual complains all the time about it and feels as though people expect too much of him. He is not getting "his moneys worth" out of his service because of the way he regards his service (I won't say he may as well not serve because the recipient may still benefit and he may in time catch a glimpse of the true value in his service). But I will say this,

that this is what he does not understand:

When you feel good, you receive more that makes you feel good. "That we get what we give, and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give."

If we give with a bad attitude, we receive more experiences in life that promote a bad attitude.

Giving is a GREAT privilege. Yes it is a privilege to give. Take advantage of this gift, and find joy in doing so, because it is one of the greatest secrets to true happiness and to acquiring what you desire most in life.

In the words of Charles Haanel, as I've quoted in this post a few times, it is just as essential to give as to get. So if you find yourself lacking something, start giving what it is you want, and do it with a smile and a heart full of will come back to you in ways that will fill your life and heart with even more than you could imagine! Oh, and stop comparing and demeaning what you have because someone else has more...that defeats the whole purpose. Be happy with you, because YOU are incredible.

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Cambria said...

I am so glad you linked this up! I actually read this last night and thought it would be perfect for something to talk about!!! Thank you so much for participating!!!