Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hurting Others

Have you ever hurt or offended someone?  I sure have.

Have you ever done so without meaning to? Pretty much every-time I have offended someone, it was unintentional (I think it usually is).

Have you ever lost a friend over it? Yes.

Have you ever hurt someone you care about when what you intended to do was help and uplift them? Yesterday.

So what do you do when you meant what you said, but it wasn't accepted that way? My heart feels so sad, and I just want to apologize and take it all back....but the truth is, I am sorry I hurt someone, but I don't necessarily take back what I said. 

I can accept the fact that I don't always pick the perfect scenario or set things up just right before I state what I feel, and that is a fault of mine. The way things are said usually have a huge influence on how it is received from the other person, and did I say it right? Obviously not.

The truth is, we are imperfect, and what I can do from this experience is learn from it.

The other day, a friend of mine told me that when you worry about things you can't necessarily do anything about, it takes energy away from the important things I need to pay attention to on a day to day basis, like my children.

She told me that when I feel excessive worry for such things that I can't change, to pray and give those pains of worry away to the Lord, and move on.

She was inspired to tell me that, because this happened just a few days after. 

Ohhh the joys of being human; constantly learning, falling, readjusting, getting back up and trying again. It's a good thing, I guess.

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