Friday, November 5, 2010

Sleep: Babies and the Time Change

Remember those days when the fall time change was an amazing thing?! Extra hour of sleep, oh baby...

speaking of babies,

it's a whole different ball game with them! Since they have their "internal clocks" all figured out (or so they think), they get up at the same time, regardless of what our clocks say.

So now, on that previously incredible sunday morning after the time change, instead of feeling refreshed that morning when the alarm rings at 7am, (and it's just like waking up at 8am, booyea!)....our babies start waking up at 6am, making us feel like we lost an hour--which we didn't, but the thought of 6am is WAY too early!!

My Solution:
Starting wednesday, I started putting the kids to bed 15 minutes later than their normal bedtime. Last night, they went to bed 30 minutes later. Tonight they will go to bed 45 minutes later. And tomorrow night, they will go to bed 1 hour past their bed time, to be right on track with the time change when we "lose an hour." Maybe this year I'll benefit from the "extra hour" of sleep....we'll see.

Think it'll work?

What do you do with your kids to cope with the time change?


Penny said...

When Izzy switches time zones when we travel (which is a lot!!) I just change her nap times that day and it has worked just fine so far!!

Jessica said...

I just keep my kids up late all weekend and by monday they are sleeping in so we don't notice it too much