Friday, January 14, 2011

Joys of life #2

I've decided to list things, people, events, ideas, quotes, foods, etc...that bring more joy into my life. Some of them are small menial things, some are greater and more significant, but each contributes to my level of joy. 

Joy of life #2: Going on a 'surprise' date with my husband

Ok, going on a date in general is a good thing, especially when it's been what seems like forever since we've gone out just the two.

BUT....nothing beats a date that you had no idea about until you get a phone call from your father-in-law asking what time you want them to come over (it's ok, he spoiled the surprise, but I was surprised when he called, so it still counts as a surprise, yes it does).

If you've never been before, Koreana BBQ in China Town Ottawa, it is amazing. Then we hit the grocery store (haha, I feel old), to finish off the date with some grocery buying without kiddos, it was a happy day.

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