Thursday, January 13, 2011

Joys of life #1

I've decided to list things, people, events, ideas, quotes, foods, etc...that bring more joy into my life. Some of them are small menial things, some are greater and more significant, but each contributes to my level of joy. 

In no particular order, and as I think of them on a day to day basis, here is my Joy of Life #1:

That's right. A fan. It is a wonderful sleeping tool:

  • as a noise maker in my kids bedroom! Oh man alive. I love fans. And yes, realize that it may be creating a dependency on having a nice wooshing sound as they fall asleep, but I love this wooshing sound as I fall asleep, too, and I don't have to worry about being annoyed with my neighbors, because this wooshing sound of my fan blocks it out, and I love it.
  • oh and also since it gets ridiculously hot here in the summer months, nice to have a nice cool breeze, ya know?

It is worth recording and being grateful for our small and great joys, because gratitude attracts into our lives more reasons to be grateful! It's life a vicious cycle, only its quite the opposite of vicious.

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