Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Bog Title


My husband always says, "just living the good life." Like when someone asks him about exams, or getting up at 2am with a crying child, or when shoveling 5 feet of snow...he likes to respond, "yep, just living the good life!"

I've thought a lot about that.

Yea, although he says it sarcastically, he really is living the good life (well he better be gosh darnit!)

Depends on how you see things. We can all live the good life, if we learn to find joy in your daily tasks and lives. At first, seems a little rough to try and do that, but it gets addicting to find the good in everything you do, seriously!

YOU are responsibly for choose your state of happiness, no one else. You can be rich and miserable, or rich and happy, or poor and miserable, or poor and happy (but then really, you're not poor, are you?! hmm.).

My point? We can all live a good life, actually a GREAT life, if we choose it. Well, I chose that year ago anyways, and I can honestly say that I'm living a joy life, and it's a good life!

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