Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To Run To Learn

I love running.

But it is not the easiest "hobby" for me. In fact, it's a lot of work mentally, especially when I'm trying to build up endurance, like now.

My husband, the athletic one, has said to me that your mind tells you to stop long before your body tells you to...interesting?

A few days ago I was so frustrated with myself.

I started to run and I felt good! So I took a different turn to extend my run. I started running through a small forest, then came to that point, (you know, the point of no return) and I had to finish the course, I was too far in to turn back. About what, 2 minutes later the thoughts...

"Ugh, i just want to walk, it's hot, I feel terrible"
"No, you are strong, you're powerful, you can do it, keep going" (haha yea i know i laugh at me too)
"Ok, just walk until the next street, then start running again"
"Don't stop, you'll regret it!"

Back and forth the thoughts go, until...cramp.

Ok perfect. So I stop...

About 30 second later, when my heart and blood are rushing faster than my pace, I start to feel even worse. It's a feeling of laziness. A feeling of wishing I had a cell to call home and tell my hubby to come pick me up (good thing I don't run with my celly let me just say).

Dramatic, I know.

When I got home, my incredible husband was impressed and thought I left on this marathon of a run, little did he know I was having this mental debate the entire time, while walk/running the entire way home.

What I learn from these kind of running days:
  • Running is not always like that, it gets better
  • Stopping to walk makes it all harder!
  • Stopping to walk and then dwelling on it makes it even harder ! !
  • Trying to take an easy way by going down hill will only mean that I have to go uphill down the road
  • Walking not only extends the length of your run, it makes it much more difficult to start up again (life lesson right there...)
But, today was a great run day!

I have to say, that after I have a not so good running day, I am more hesitant to go the next day. Why? Probably because of fear of failure that is inherent in so many of us. [This I will one day overcome!]

My run was still hard, but I did not stop to walk. I kept going. I thought of the beautiful scenery and enjoyed thinking about life.

At the very end, I was running up my last hill (oh the Arlington hills, how I love them), and felt as though I was going to throw up, felt as though I was going to pass out, I still had the thought battle of wanting to walk, but I kept going.

I smiled when I reached home. Yessss!

Failure is not failure unless you give up completely. It is a learning opportunity. Every attempt to try again is a step of progression, and progression makes for eventual success. Learn and enjoy the journey, it's the only way!!

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Christine Hill said...

great post, i would be soooo happy if I got home from a run with no walking. Hopefully SOON! Good for you!